Local Artists Are an Important Part of Our Business
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It's “mood dyed”. Each line has its own unique dye technique. With each technique comes creative license to mix dyes magically and randomly. The story goes if you see it, love it, you better claim it before it’s gone.
True Designs Studio is the creative outlet for glass artist, Corri Young. She turns glass into a range of pendants, bracelets, necklaces, plus various items for fiber artists.
Cheryl Griset , Sonoran Desert Yarns, dyes fiber with Sonoran Desert Plants and done Naturally. The plants of the desert are her color palette.
More Locally Made Items
Woolhalla Tunis (Farm at the End of the Road) is a local sheep breeder who turns the fleece into wonder fibers and yarns. Sonja's products can be found at Tempe Yarn

Gecko Gradient full size cakes are dyed with shawls in mind, starting with a small stitch count which increases as you progress through the pattern. The initial color takes up about 10% or less of the entire cake, with each increase in intensity using up a larger percentage of the cake to allow for even color distribution in your finished project.
Wendy, from Knitty Kitty Yarns & Bags, believes that project bags and hand dyed yarn to inspire your creativity. So she creates both, lovely bags and wonderful yarns.
What do you do in Yuma for fun? If you are Melinda from Sundial Yarns, you build a fire and dye yarns of course. Her work is full of color energy.
Sarah, owner of Traveling Yarn, offers Small Batch, Artisan Yarn Inspired by Desert Landscapes and City Life. Her yarns came in various bases and offer a variety of fashion-friendly colorways ranging from jewel tones and neons to pastels.
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