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"A Wool Affair" 
Art, Education, and Community

March 18th 10am- 4pm
farm sheep 1

Come and experience wool in all its forms.

- Learn how you begin with wool fiber and end up with a beautiful woven Shawl.

-Learn about raw fiber and how it is processed. 

-Learn how wool is spun and made into yarn.

-Try your hand at weaving and see the finished yarn grow into a shawl.

We will have demos and hands-on learning areas throughout the day.  It 
will be fun for all ages.

At the end of the day, some lucky person will take home the completed shawl.  To have a chance to win the shawl, purchase tickets on March 18th, 1 for $5 or 3 for $10.  
All proceeds from the tickets will go to a new branch of Support the Girls.  
Support the Girls collects and 
distributes donations of new/used bras and new sealed packages of tampons and maxi pads to local homeless women and girls.  Starting February 14, Tempe Yarn will be a collection point for Support the Girls.  

On March 18th, all  Woolhalla Tunis products will be 15% off for the entire day.

Help Needed: 
On the day of the event, we need volunteers to spin wool from Woolhalla Tunis Farm.  If you are interested in spinning for this project, let us know by 
March 1st.  Sign up at Tempe Yarn.