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Class Schedule
Knitting Project Help

Length: 1.5 hours
Type: Technique
Instructor: Angela or Terry 
Fee: $15


We want you to be successful, so TYF’s Knitting Project Help is perfect for when you need that extra guidance, instruction and support with your knitting projects, whether you are a beginner or an experienced knitter.  Each class is an independent hour-and-a-half session. Bring your project, yarn and pattern (or book), or choose from our large assortment, and we will be there to give you whatever help you need. You decide when and how many sessions you need, working at your own pace.


For Beginners:

After learning the basics in the "Learn to Knit" workshop, it's time to move on to doing projects.  Each project has different skills to help you grow in your knitting experience.  Beginners can learn in Kniting Project Help new techniques, such as various ways of increasing and decreasing or casting on and binding off, working in ribbing or another stitch pattern, cabling, picking up stitches, knitting I-cord, seaming, etc.  Some of the suggested Beginner projects include: Cabled Caps, Inside/Outside Scarves, Children's Neckdown Pullover sweater, Log Cabin Throw, Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf, Felted Hats, Mitered Diamon Afghans.  For more info on these projects click here



For Advanced Beginners and Beyond:

Knitting Project Help is also for help with more advanced projects.  Some suggested Advanced Beginners and Beyond projects include: making Socks, Entrelac, or Moebius, plus skills improvement such as Learn to Fix Mistakes, Judy's Magic Cast On, Seaming Things Together and Wraps & Turns Cat Bordhi style.  For more info click here.  


Participants need to bring the following supplies to class or purchase them at TYF: Pattern or book, yarn appropriate for the chosen project, needles appropriate for the chosen project,  scissors, blunt darning needle, any other materials required for the chosen project.

***Please note that, unless otherwise indicated, workshop, class and session fees do not include materials. ***

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