Esperanza is a Tunis/California Red cross lamb. This will be her hogget fleece.
<<< Sam is a mature Tunis ewe who has always produced
a very nice fleece, but this year it seems finer and has
more loft that previous years. She is due to lamb by the
end of January, so you will get to see her lambs on
shearing day!  Last year her fleece was around 8 pounds.

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<<< Cindy is a Tunis ewe. 
<<< Hera is a Tunis ewe.
Remember Coco, our fine-wool CVM ewe? Her       >>>  
fleece is always shades of gray underneath what
looks like an ivory fleece. She has always
produced out biggest fleece and last year it weighed
in just under 14 pounds!  That's a lot of next to the skin
quality wool.
<<< Red Rhonda is a California Red ewe, new this year 
<<< Patches  a Tunis lamb. This will be her hogget fleece; she is new to the farm this year
<<< Little Miss is a Tunis ewe.