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Hollywoods's Krita Ann 
at Tempe Yarn 
Saturday, April 22nd.

Krita Ann has been knitting for fashion designers and stylists for years.  Most recently, she has designed and knitted many pieces for Mindy Kaling to wear on Hulu's     "The Mindy Project".

Krita will be teaching at Tempe Yarn 
on Saturday, April 22nd. 
Hollywood Finishing Class 
11 am to 1 pm
There are many tricks to making your knitting look more polished and feature machine quality finishes. Learn 23 (probably more!) techniques and tricks to make your knitting look professional and incorporate something new into every project you work on! Discover the secrets used to be sure that each piece has flawless finishes and learn where to incorporate techniques that create silver screen worthy garments. Learn how to make picked up stitches look cleaner, edges tighter, stripes prettier, weaving tails in flawless, and so much more!
Special Skills Required For Class: know how to knit and purl and have made several different types of pieces (i.e. hats, cowls, basic sweater shapes).

Intarsia vs Duplicate Stitch Class                    2 to 4 pm
Intarsia is like painting with color on your knitting. Learn the basics for knitting intarsia and reading a chart.  Learn how to wrap your yarn to prevent holes, weave in your ends to close up gaps, keep your bobbins straight, and so much more!  Find out how to know when you will use duplicate stitch and techniques for making your duplicate stitches flawless.  Once you learn the basics, the possibilities are endless!!!

Each class is $45 and requires early sign up.   There are no refunds on these classes.

Call Tempe Yarn (480-557-9166) to sign up.