Customer Appreciation Card 
We believe that you are the best judge of when you should get a discount.  Equally important, we want to recoginize and reward "our loyal customers" for their continued support.  To do this we have our Customer Appreciation Card.
Customer Appreciation Card fine print: 
This program is simple, for each multiple of $20 that you spend before taxes, we'll stamp your Customer Appreciation Card.  Once you have ten stamps, on a future single visit, you'll get a 15% discount up to a maximum of $150.00 off.   You can use the 15% discount on any item except gift cards, classes or consignment items.  No stamps will be given when using store credit or when purchasing gift cards.  Items purchased with the 15% discount are not eligible toward stamps on a  new card.  The 15% discount can't be combined with other discounts. 
Tempe Yarn reserves the right to modify or cancel this program at anytime without notice.  
Customer Appreciation Cards have no cash value. 

Copyright 2016 Tempe Yarn & Fiber, LLC

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