> Explore Your Knitting Through Barbara       Walker's "A Treasury of Knitting Patterns" 
Class Descriptions
Class Policies 
Our Teachers/Staff
> Learn to Knit Workshop
> Beginning Lace Knitting
> Lace Knitting Clinic
> Focus Class (Private)
> Knitting Project Help
> Exploring Freeform
> Cardigan Sweater Design
> Acid Dye Play Day
> Silk Fusion
> Learn to Crochet
> Crochet Clinic
> Learn to Spin
> Spinning Clinic
> Exploring Freeform
> Focus Class (Private)
> Blending Fiber Colors
> Spinning Luxury Fibers
> Understanding Plying
> Beginning Floor Loom Weaving
> Beginning Rigid Heddle Weaving
> Introduction to Inkle Loom
> Designing Inkle Loom Patterns
> Exploring Warp Design
> Warp Once, Weave Different Fabrics
> Weaving Quick Fixes
> Introduction to Hand Painting Yarn & Fiber
> Acid Dye Play Day
> Exploring Inkle Loom Patterns
"Fiber Arts Transcends All Ages"
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Class Schedule
> Exploring Freeform
> Exploring Freeform Coaching Workshop
> Exploring Freeform Coaching Workshop
> Exploring Freeform Coaching Workshop
> Holiday Needle Felting - Embellish Your Felted Stocking
Free Project Help (Building Your Yarn Skills)
To insure the best learning environment for students, only paid class participants will be allowed in the class rooms.  Parents with children taking classes may wait in the social area. 
> Explore Your Creativity in Knitting
> Designing Art Yarn
> Lace Sample Scarf
> Learn to Knit a Hat 
> From Needle Felt Pincushion
Polymer Clay Beads 
> Create Large Polymer Clay Beads with Kathy
> Weaving A Scarf on a Floor Loom
> Build Your Knitting Skills I
> Build Your Knitting Skills II 
> Intro Knitting with Two Colors
> Peg Loom Weaving Level I
> Build Your Crochet Skills
> Peg Loom Weaving Level II
> Weaving a Shawl On a Floor Loom
> Designing, Winding a Warp & Dressing a Floor Loom
> Intro to Knitting Cables

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> Polymer Clay Big Bead Class 2: Faux Knitting and Other Appliqué Techniques with Kathy
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