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Krista Ann from KNITSY KNITS
is coming for a Book Signing!

"Knits that Rock: Vol 1"

Sat January 25th
11:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Krista Ann has made many knitted projects for T.V. and movies and now she has her very 1st book!

Stop by Tempe Yarn and meet Krista Ann and
have her Sign your book!

We'll be happy to help you choose yarn for one of the 23 projects from her book. Plus with the purchase of her book you'll get a 15% off Project Yarn (some exculsions apply).
Get ready for
Wool School Plus ++
Join us for a "Real Wool" Experience

Sign Up Ends February 2nd

5 months of classes
Plus + 4 Labs
Plus+ 1 Field Trip

This session of Wool School we will be studying Wool in all it forms, its history and the different breeds. Then each month you will experience how to how to use it in your real world.

Classes are Saturdays 12-3pm
and start on February 8th