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 We Are Now Open For In-store Shopping!

It's time to come back in and choose you own
yarns in person. 
We have made some changes to accommodate the current guidelines.
     #1 We will be limiting the number of customers in the store at the same time.
     #2 We will be respecting the 6 ft physical distancing.
     #3 Staff will be Wearing masks at all times.
     #4 We will be Cleaning and Sanitizing throughout the day.

     #5 We will be Helping you from a 6 ft distance.
We are still supporting you virtually too with:

Private Virtual Classes
4 for $20
30 minutes each class.
Flexible Days and Times, Use them when you need them!
Knitting or Crochet
Need Help learning a new technique or
starting a new pattern?
Let Tempe Yarn instructors teach you at home!
Call the store to schedule or for more information.

Virtual Help Desk
Do you need help with a pattern or have you made a mistake and need help fixing your project? Using the free Zoom app we will connect you with a teacher to help you! Call the store and ask for help 480-557-9166.
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However, if you prefer we still offer these options for Virtual Shopping:
Shop-n-Go Phone Orders
Know what you need already?
 Just Call in your order 480-557-9166 (from 10 AM-2 PM)

 Picture Virtual Shopping 
Do you know what yarn you need and just want to see the colors we have on our shelves right now? We will email/Txt you pictures Mon-Sat 10am-2pm. When you make your choices give our store a call to complete your order. 
 Click here to email us your requests.
 Personal Virtual Shopping
Call the store to book a personal time slot and using facetime, FB messenger, or
Zoom videos, we will show you our shelves.  Call to request a showing.
These SERVICES are still NOT available in-store 
until further notice:
In-store Project fixing;
Social Gatherings;
Group Shopping

is Live!
Join us on Instagram for lots of amazing pictures of products and inspirations!
We will be starting some contests and debuting some new kits
so follow Tempeyarn to join in the fun!
Dyelicious Yarns

Dyelicious Yarns are hand dyed one-of-a kind yarns exclusively from Tempe Yarn.  

It's a perfect time to begin that project that's been calling you. 

Stop by and let us help you get started.  You won't be